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SAMPLES. Augmented reality Performances

//SAMPLES. Augmented reality Performances
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Project Description

Samples / Samples is a multimedia show about urban space and its stories. After a common experience of urban exploration, the creative team – made up of urban researchers and artists in the field of dance, electronic music and media art – replicates the subjective exertion on a city in a multidisciplinary show. Artists retrieve recurring sounds in the urban context (street noises, cars, steps) of repetitive visual patterns (windows, blocks, traffic flow), and typical city behaviors (social patterns). Starting from the day-to-day small rituals of the individual to group behavior, the show treats them thematically those patterns that recapture the social life of the inhabitant of an urban cluster, giving it a new angle to question its own actions.

The DVD includes SAMPLES performances in Istanbul (September 2010), Sofia (November 2010) and Cluj (July 2008), a film about the creative part of this show and program source code that allows performances

The Mostre show was first shown in Cluj, in the Manastur district, in July 2008.

All the materials included in the DVD are available online at:

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November 2010


Format: DVD multimedia

Circulation: 500 issues

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Romanian Cultural Institute, Cantemir Program