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Correspondances Citoyennes/Correspondence about migration and identity

//Correspondances Citoyennes/Correspondence about migration and identity
Correspondances Citoyennes/Correspondence about migration and identity2018-11-21T15:40:52+00:00

Project Description

The project presents – in a series of exhibitions, publications and field work – the correspondence between inhabitants of the towns of Rennes, Cluj and Tarragona about their daily life, about social relations, migration, identity and the different experiences of existence as a European citizen.


The Correspondences – photography, video, text, objects – were made during a series of collective residences. For one year, a group of artists, sociologists and anthropologists have been engaged in exploring the urban and especially the social environment, interacting with people and collecting stories about life, mental maps and personal views on today’s European society. Each story has been re-told as a mail addressed to politicians, neighbors, strangers, etc.


In 2010 AltArt hosted a month-long collective residency, organized an exhibition at Fabrica de Pensule and participated in research, production and dissemination activities.


Creative team: Andrei Fărcășanu (photographer, Bucharest), Nani Blasco (video artist, Tarragona), Romain Louvel (artist, Pornic), Xavier Trobat Escanellas (architect and painter, Tarragona) and Pascal Nicolas-Le Start (sociologist and political scientist, Montpellier), Remus Gabriel Anghel (sociologist, Cluj), Claire Lesacher (sociolinguist, Rennes), Serena Maria Pallares (anthropologist, Tarragona), Anne Morillon (sociologist, Paris).

Implemented in



L’Age de la Tortue, Franța; The Association of Social Centers Rennes, Franța; Fondation Topik, Franța; Casal L’Amic Foundation, Spania


5000 EUR

Founded by

European Union – Europe for Citizens Programme

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