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Caucasus-Balkan Express

//Caucasus-Balkan Express
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Project Description

Using the metaphor of a train line connecting the Balkans and South Caucasus, the project aimed at building connections, stimulating reflection and facilitating cooperation among artists and cultural producers in the two regions.

The Caravan Meeting brought together 21 independent cultural operators from eleven countries for an intensive networking event in Tbilisi, in April 2015. The programme included meetings with local artists, urban exploration, public presentations, performances, and discussions on the topics of art and public space, socially engaged artistic practices, cultural policies, and international cooperation.

A nomad Artists-in-Residence programme took place in Cluj (16-31 May), Tbilisi (9-15 June), and Yerevan (15-21 June). Artists Vahe Budumyan, Armenia, Giorgi Khasaia, Georgia, Vilmos Koter, Romania and Tanja Radež, Slovenia explored the urban realities of Cluj, Tbilisi and Yerevan and produced a series of artistic interventions in public space, to reflect back to the local communities their insights. The residents met with local experts, traveled around the cities, research their history and current realities. They have produced a series of artistic interventions:

Giorgi Khasaia: Exchage Labour (performance, Cluj), Fish Size (action, Yerevan), Lavash Nash! (action, Yerevan)

Vahe Budumyan: Missing Places (7 postcards distributed in the cities, Cluj, Tbilisi, Yerevan)

Tanja Radež: Cross Story (public interventions, Cluj, Tbilisi, Yerevan)

Vilmos Koter: Bless you (public intervention, Cluj), At the end … (public intervention, Cluj, Tbilisi, Yerevan)

A public presentation of the project, the artists, their interventions took place in Cluj at Fabrica de Pensule, Tbilisi at Nectar Gallery, and in Yerevan at the Institute for Contemporary Art.

Implemented in



Balkan Express Network, Ljubljana

Public Art Platform and Bouillon Group, Tbilisi

ICA, Yerevan

Founded by

Black Sea Trust – A Project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States

The European Union – Culture Programme

Institutul Cultural Român

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