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Project Description

The project “ARTIZEN – Interdisciplinary Residences” aimed to create, through a program of artistic residences, the framework in which contemporary artists in the field of visual, multimedia and performative arts, and which are interested in exploring the relationship between art and society, can engage in a substantial process research and creativity.

The program of interdisciplinary artistic residencies took place between July 20 and August 15, 2016, in Cluj-Napoca. Curators delegated by Artizen’s partner organizations selected the following artists/artistic groups for residence: Zeljka Blaksic (HR/US), La Fundicio (ES), Blajin (RO) and Doru Taloş & Alexa Bacanu (RO).

During the period of residence, the artists explored and researched, with the help of a group of local experts in the fields of urbanism, sociology, anthropology and biology, two public spaces in Cluj in transition. Transition spaces are neglected areas, little pretentious on the mental map of the inhabitants and whose use is still uncertain. Areas targeted by artistic interventions are the Railroad Park, abandoned for more than 10 years and Somes river bank, completely unused as a social space. The artists’ projects are four performances, a publication / workshop and two narrative installations:

– Alexa Bacanu and Doru Taloş: Travel. Fragments. Realities – narrative installation

Starting from the stories of the inhabitants of the Railroad Park area, the plant aims to go through some defining moments from the past, starting almost a century ago. The route comprises five points in different areas of the park, each offering a different perspective on the place.

– Zeljka Blaksic (HR): Through active range of motion, we come through / Through movements from an active register, we reveal the presence – performance

Jogging between various types of dance, boxing, aerobics, yoga, soccer, martial arts, performance engages the symbols of these physical activities to stimulate passive or passive areas of the Railway Park. With the participation and contribution of ten teenagers from the local community.

– LaFundició (ES): Malas hierbas / Buruieni – book-object

An illustrated collective heraldry of the Railroad Park. An object-book that proposes a reflection on abandoned areas where apparently nothing happens. The identification of the chains was done in the framework of exploration and drawing workshops with the participation of a group of locals.

– Blajin: Embarkation / Paper Boat on Someş – a narrative system of wood and metal in the form of a paper boat (5 m x 1.5 m). Embarking is a game of reconciliation. Back in the back, sit on one of the two benches separated by the metal skull, the players look at themselves bored with death, and decide to occupy the same bank and settle.

The works were presented in a public event on August 13-14, 2016, in the Railway Park and on the Somes river adjacent to the park, in a program that includes open workshops for children and adults, Repair Café, music, Paper, and Diversity Picnic. The events had an audience of about 1,000 people.

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