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Project Description

AltArt provides the training and evaluation component within the ArtistNe(s)t cooperation project, developed by Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Cultural Program in Romania. The project creates the framework for performing artistic residencies in the fields of visual art, contemporary dance, literature and theater, in four cultural centers subordinated to the Ministry of Culture.

The training of the project teams aims at transforming the residential centers into creative spaces, open to innovation and cooperation in the field of contemporary art, connected to national and international cultural networks.

Training sessions

– Management of artistic residency projects – Bucharest, April 9, 2006

– External communication. Identity of artistic residence projects

– Financial Management – Cluj-Napoca, September 20-24, 2006

– Leadership. Writing proposals for funding – Bucharest, April 2007

– Strategic Development – Sibiu, September 2007

– Evaluation – Bucharest, September 15-17, 2008

– Facilitating the final evaluation of the project ArtistNe(s)t – Bacău, April 45, 2009

Implemented in



Centrul European de Cultură Sinaia

Centrul de Cultură Arcuş

Centrul de Cultură “George Apostu” Bacău

Centrul de Cultură “Rosetti Tescanu – George Enescu”


62000 CHF

Founded by

Swiss Cultural Programme SouthEast Europe and Ukraine, Pro Helvetia/SDC

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