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We organize innovative artistic projects based on new technologies, urban exploration, exhibitions, courses for artists and cultural managers, animation and film workshops, public screenings and debates. AltArt projects address themes of contemporary urban life – we are interested in identity in the virtual environment, public space, collective memory and mentality, urban social rituals.

What we do

We support and promote contemporary artistic creation.

We facilitate access to culture for the general public and cultural specialists. We believe that everyone has a right to the experiences that culture in all its forms can offer.

We strengthen the artistic community.

We promote the creation and dissemination of new media art, multimedia, visual art, design, architecture and urbanism, film, animation, performing arts, theater, dance, music, cultural intervention etc.

We promote multidisciplinary artistic creation and cross-sectoral approaches. In other words, we promote the partnership between culture and other fields: sociology, architecture, urbanism, environment, tourism, etc.

We support the improvement of public policies applicable to the independent, non-profit cultural sector and the intersection between culture and other areas of activity.

We encourage the implementation of integrated visions and strategies through cooperation between the independent cultural sector, public administration and other public institutions at local, county, regional, national and international level as well as with the business environment. We are catalysts for cross-sectoral projects.

We support the professional development of cultural creators and operators.

We promote artistic education and public development.

We develop research in the field of culture and intersection of culture with other disciplines (social, economic, political etc.).

We promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

We support cultural youth initiatives.

We encourage cooperation between the artistic sector in Romania and other countries.

We promote the development of society through culture – cohesion and social mobility, personal development, community development, public participation.

Our achievements

  • We are founding members of the Brush Factory Federation ( – an independent space of contemporary art in Cluj, initiated in 2009, the first of its kind in Romania that transformed an industrial building into an independent cultural space.
  • Since 2010, we are founding members of the Cluj-Napoca 2020 European Capital of Culture Association. Istvan Szakats, chairman of AltArt, is a member of the Association’s Board of Directors and coordinator of the Visual Arts Commission. We are also one of the founders of the Cluj 2020 Initiative, an independent group of intellectuals providing expertise in the preparation of the European Capital of Culture application.
  • We are members of the A Soul for Europe Initiative ( – a civic initiative group at European level that supports the importance of culture in European development. A Soul for Europe promotes partnership between cultural operators and the political and business sphere. A Soul for Europe has set up a working group in the European Parliament and the first European Business-Culture Platform. Rariţa Zbranca, the director of AltArt, is a member of the Strategic Group of the Initiative.
  • Since 2011, we are members of the Branding Commission of Cluj-Napoca.
  • We are members of the Balkan Express network – a network of cultural managers in South Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
  • We are members of the Independent Cultural Sector Coalition in Romania – a coalition of NGOs and independent cultural producers – who are addressing public policies in the field of culture in Romania to strengthen the independent cultural scene. Rarita Zbranca, the director of AltArt, is a member of the Coalition Board
  • We received the “Most Creative European Information Project” Award for “Terra Incognita 4 – European Adventure” – an interactive platform for accessing EU information, the Europa 2005 Fund – awarded by the European Commission Delegation in Romania
  • We participated in several public policy advocacy and development campaigns: Cluj-Napoca Cultural Strategy 2014-2020, Creative Industries Strategy Cluj-Napoca 2014-2020, Cultural Strategy of Cluj-Napoca for 2007-2013 (2005-2006), improvements to the functioning laws of the mechanisms for the allocation of public money for culture, addresses to the European Parliament
  • We have organized a large number of projects on culture and urban development, events that brought together public authorities, experts in culture, urbanism, architecture, sociology.