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Viitorul Exersat | 20 years of AltArt

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Project Description

In the estimation of futurologist Mike Lee, over the next two centuries, we expect 150 inventions of the caliber of the steam machine or the Internet. On average, every year and a half there will be an innovation that will overwhelm the world. How will the future of the artistic scene, the artist, the cultural worker affect the wave of reinvention?

The exhibition aims to investigate the ethos of reinvention in the Romanian cultural and artistic scene as a prefigurative exercise immersed in the European innovation context in our intimate, (micro) social and economic relations. The project builds on documenting creative processes and interviews with artists and cultural workers.

The exhibition also has a more intimate level of reflection and retrospection. In 2018 the AltArt Foundation celebrates 20 years of activity. In the fragile and precarious context of independent culture in Romania, where looking ahead in the long run is very rare, looking back reflectively is also a privileged exercise. We want to share the trajectories, the themes, the elements of innovation, the moments of fragmentation and drifting of an activity that has always sought to explore new territories and functions of culture, from new media art, interactive film, animation, to art in the public space , research and politics, art for social inclusion and social innovation.

To do this, we invited artists and other specialists to take on themes from our projects over time and to revise them, reinterpret and model them by the key of present and future at their own angle.

Future Exercise states that talking about the future is a political act that places us on the emerging stage of innovation – the place where our futures are negotiated and merged. The project presents context archaeologists, work environments and works, intimate testimonies about creations and re-creations, retrospectives of reinventions, to provide the possible scope for an exerted future.

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