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Travel in Europe

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Project Description

Travel in Europe is a multimedia project aimed at promoting and spreading the European cultural heritage in an innovative way.

By creating an online platform with virtual city representations, users are given challenging and stimulating game experiences that help them get to know and assimilate cultural aspects of different European spaces.

AltArt contributes to the project by creating virtual human mods (avatar characters through which gamers explore the three-dimensional European space).

Related activities

– workshops to test users’ expectations (24 workshops organized in Cluj and partner partner countries)

– participation in multidisciplinary international conferences (art, archeology, architecture, information technology)

– exhibitions organized simultaneously in several European cities

Implemented in



DIBE – Genova, Italia

ADEC – Strasbourg, Franţa

CIANT – Praga, Rep. Cehă

NF-API – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

IPT – Tomar, Portugalia

Mancomunidade – Arousa Norte, Spania

Kibla – Maribor, Slovenia


152000 EUR

Founded by

Comisia Europeană – programul Cultura 2000

Ministerul Culturii, Cultelor şi Patrimoniului Naţional

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