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The Visible City

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Project Description

The Visible City is an initiative to reactivate Cluj’s public space through artistic interventions. The Visible City exhibition uses public spaces to present contemporary works of art that challenge public space and different dimensions of urban life. The project therefore proposes rethinking the ways of access, use and control over the public space that it opens to the artistic community – as an art exhibition platform with a social message. The final intention is to generate a reflection process at the community level.

The project was initiated in 2010 and runs annually. The exhibited works are selected following a competition of public art projects. The selection jury consists of István Szakáts – curator / president AltArt Foundation, Mihai Pop – curator / Plan B Gallery, Eugen Pănescu – architect, Oana Buzatu – communication expert / spokesperson, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Alina Banu – Outdoor 9. The exhibition is preceded by an online presentation – on – of the artistic proposals, a stage in which the public is given the opportunity to comment and vote on their favorite projects.

Since 2013, Visible City has joined the European platform “Create to Connect,” in which cultural producers from 9 countries aim to connect creators and audiences through participatory artistic processes that process current social themes and cultivate an exercise of commitment to the common life. “Create to Connect” will be run by AltArt Foundation together with Bunker Ljubljana (Arts), Artsadmin (GB), Arts and Theater Institute (CZ), Gestapo de Equipamentos e Animacao Cultural (PT) (FR), Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL), Santarcangelo dei Teatri (IT), Stichting Noorderzon Groningen (NL), Walking Theory (RS), with the financial support of the European Union Culture 2007-2013 program.

Adrian Dohotaru / SOS – The Other. 3 days and 3 nights in Pata Cluj
Blajin – vestige
House of Permanent Culture – Repair Café
Instinctive – Look with your eyes closed
Monotrem – Everything here is mine / Itt minden az enyem / Everything here is me
Marina Melenti – Written Oare
Paula Boarta, Simona Or-Munteanu – The probation booth

Adrian Dohotaru & Antal Zoltan – “Where do we feed”
Koter Vilmos – “Monument to the people who stood in line”
Paula Boarta, Bianca Dimitriu, Simona Or-Munteanu – “Traveling in the Creative Wagon”
Lavinia Gliga & Laura Panait – “Cluj Crawling”
Silviu Medesan – “Pod-parabola peste Someş”
Veres Imola – “Make_Memo”
Ciprian Butnaru – “Shoot them that they are not people! or After 25 years. Scraping the Dead “[/ fusion_toggle]

1.PeriFeeria / Laura Panait: “Your Message Here!” Suggestions for Garages in Manastur 2. Now / Mad / : Signs for PAFA 3. Larisa Sitar: Monument 4. MUSZ / Cristina Curcan: Untitled 5. JUSLIKEM / Iulia Boşcu: Moving Garden 6. Grig Vuu and Irlo: Nature Through Culture 7. Whole Circle / Bogdan Rakolcza: Harmonic Dialogs / Music Poiana 8. SOS / Adrian Dohotaru team: Dialectics of fences 9. PSAC / Paula Boarta: Resistance of outbound vendors [/ fusion_toggle] I. Cultural interventions – Gallery A1: A minor pass – Lala Panait & Silviu Medesan: Alternative routes in Cluj – Radu Leseveschi: Nomad Library – Larisa Sitar: Untitled (path) – Cristina Curcan: Folc-II. Visual Arts: Visual Artist changed his / her relationship status – Iulia Gabriela Toma: The Museum of Labor – Gallery A1: Aprozar – 404: Without Title Andrei Farcasanu: Instantaneu [/ fusion_toggle] Radu Leseveschi: I Want Sorin Popescu: Who am. Who we are Paula Boarta: Without a title (dump) Claudiu Cobilanschi: The only old man I know is me Cezar Lazarescu: Tramp on the grass [/ fusion_toggle] Carlos Carmonamedina: Lehel Lajos: Public Transport Network Koter Vilmos: Money Miruna Toma: Are You Here, Where Are You Going? Horia Popa: Mitru Alina Bradu, Silviu-Theofil Medesan, Laura Panait: Bubbletalks Carlos Carmonamedina: Intervention Sebastian Big: We Give Money on Water [/ fusion_toggle] [/ Fusion_accordion]


  • 2015 – 40.000 RON
  • 2014 – 30.000 RON
  • 2013 – 30.000 RON
  • 2012 – 67.200 RON
  • 2011 – 20.000 RON
  • 2010 – 46.850 RON


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