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Project Description

Terra Incognita proposes a succession of exploration events, through which the community of Internet users has the opportunity to discover, through interactive platforms, aspects of culture and civilization of geographically, socially or politically isolated spaces. The purpose of the Terra Incognita series is to explore and exploit the opportunities for communication provided by new technologies and the development of interactive platforms for exploring new cultural spaces.
The Latin word “Terra Incognita” was used by medieval cartographers to mark the unknown, still unexplored areas on maps. The Terra Incognita project series aims to discover new territories in the expression of information in the virtual environment by developing web projects presenting geographically, socially, politically or ideologically isolated cultures.Terra Incognita 1: Iran-Pakistan-India-Nepal
Terra Incognita 1 was the first Romanian experiment of mixed reality, the expedition being parallel to the real world and the Internet. It takes the form of a quest computer game: there is, on the one hand, a team of explorers who are moving in the real world and have to carry out a mission, and there are, on the other hand, the players who define the missions that must be tracked, in the different stages of the route, by the members of the expedition. Thus, the mission of the Terra Incognita expedition is to make a certain journey and to explore the specifics of the areas traveled according to the wishes and interests expressed by the players. The expedition takes place in the real world, and the players, who guide its deployment, are on the Internet. The team of explorers and players come in direct contact via the project’s web interface. The team sends gamers on the Internet a set of pictures, sounds and texts. Players evaluate this report and decide what the expedition members will explore in the next stage. Missions are set by players by majority vote, choosing one of the options offered by the multimedia interface of the expedition (webpage). Communication between players and senders or between different players is provided by a chatroom.
The first TerraIncognita expedition took place between September 5 and November 7, 2000, on the route
Follow-up shipment events:
INDIA (Asian Cineparty) – photo exhibition and video projections during the expedition, January 22, 2001, Bahia Chalet, Tarniţa
photo exhibition – April 2001, University of Art and Design Cluj
Terra Incognita 2: Cuba-Jamaica
In 2001 the Terra Incognita 2 project guided a community of over 5,000 members to various destinations in Cuba and Jamaica. This time, TerraIncognita’s interactive expedition takes on a new format, closer to the specific framework of computer games. The rod of a series of innovations, the expedition interface allows players, in addition to being able to vote the destination and mission of the field team and to get in direct contact with prospectors and other players via a chat engine, to gradually conquer the levels of the game, accumulate scores to bring them a series of surprises. The prospecting team that comes in contact with Internet players has this time the face of animated characters. Evrika, Mana, Van Dan, E-mil and Lord Pop are five plasticine figurines, with contrasting personalities and passions, who travel together and tell the players their happenings.
With the launch of the project, AltArt Foundation organized for the first time in Romania an online press conference on the channel of the expedition.
As follow-up, a Cuban cineparty: CHE * F, with video projections, photography exhibition, Cuban music, rom and haven, was hosted at Bahia Chalet in Tarnita.
Terra Incognita 3. Tell your story!
The project proposes exploring the diversity of the urban environment. Starting from the idea that in the context of European construction, the cultural values ​​that become landmarks for each culture are less the historical legacies than the living spirit of the people who currently belong to this culture, Terrra Incognita 3. Tell your story! has proposed to bring man as a contemporary hero to the spotlight. Through a campaign in Cluj, the city’s inhabitants were encouraged to tell their story; the stories of the people put together, thus building a new, humanized and warm face of the city, reflecting the pulse of the life it hosts. In October 2003, within the framework of the Tell Your story! Workshop, new media artists from 7 European countries worked out portraits and life stories of the inhabitants of Cluj in new media art works (video installations, net art , photography, film, live art). In November 2003 these works were exhibited in Cluj, and they were to be presented in autumn 2004 at Bratislava

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September – November 2000

August 2001

May 2003 – December 2004




TVR Cluj

Academia Caţavencu

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2000: 9.000 EUR

2001: 7.500 EUR

2003-2004: 17.950 EUR

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2000: Consiliul Local Cluj


European Cultural Foundation

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