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REMAKE – New perspectives on media art in collaborative environments

//REMAKE – New perspectives on media art in collaborative environments
REMAKE – New perspectives on media art in collaborative environments2018-09-23T16:46:25+00:00

Project Description

The project aims at creating and presenting new collaborative art works at European level, inspired by pioneering art and media culture. The project is based on a series of research carried out in recent years by MONOSKOP, a group of theorists engaged in the study of the social context of historical evolution in the media arts, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Analyzes of the socio-poetic conditions of art and technology from the 1960s to 2000 are based on experiments in the avant-garde, performing arts, video art, experimental music, sound art and media theory. REMAKE consists of a series of workshops, artistic residencies, public shows, exhibitions, multimedia proformats and theoretical presentations in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Cluj, Prague, Nantes.
In 2011, the AltArt Foundation organized an international residence in Cluj, where artists Aleksandra Hriszfeld (PL) created the Infotainment multimedia installation – a reinterpretation of Guy Debord’s The Society of Spectacle (1973). In November 2011, REMAKE Workshop led by Hans Bernhard (AT) and Szakáts István (RO) took place. In mixed teams of visual artists and programmers, the workshop participants developed three interactive projects based on KINECT, processing of reference media works of art. The project also included the public hacking public debate in the show society, with guests Hans Bernhard / (AT), Aleksandra Hriszfeld (PL) and István Szakáts (RO).
In 2012, the REMAKE exhibition in Cluj – preceded by exhibitions in Brno and Bratislava – presented in the space of the Brush Factory a selection of media art works:
Richard Loskot (CZ) / Logging the present, Aleksandra Hirszfeld (PL) / Infotainment – light box and audio installation, Václav Peloušek, Ondřej Merta (CZ) / Standuino – Standuino-based audio performance. Curators: Katarína Gatialová (CZ), István Szakáts (RO), Barbora Šedivá (CZ).

Implemented in

2010 – 2012


Atrakt Art, Slovakia
PiNG, France
Lost Horse Gallery, Iceland
Brno House of Arts, Czech Republic
Multiplace Festival, Slovakia


20,000 EUR

Funded by

European Union – Culture 2007-2013; AFCN

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