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RACIF – Robots and avatars

//RACIF – Robots and avatars
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Project Description

Robots and Avatars. The Collaborative and Intergenerational Future – is an interdisciplinary and intergenerational cultural exploration of the future world characterised by collaboration between robots, avatars, virtual worlds, telepresence, cultural environments, interactive entertainment and play. RACIF addresses the issues of European professionals involved in the production of new forms of identity representation in virtual environments. The project examines the evolution of mobility in the intersection territories of real and virtual worlds and emerging interaction methodology. The project is integrated into the European Year of Intergenerational Solidarity 2012 and in the Cultural Programming of Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture. The European project activities include media art commissions, a travelling exhibition, debates, residences, research, workshops, an intergenerational camp, and the editing of a book/catalogue.
In 2011 AltArt participated in the workshops in Cluj and Maribor, at the international selection of artistic works, organised a creative studio “Robots & Avatars” and carried out research and documentary activities. Following an international call, 264 papers were proposed, of which the jury selected 16 papers for production and exhibition.
The project provides the framework for transdisciplinary learning experiences. AltArt has proposed two such experimentation workshops, combining dance and technology, and exploring the new possibilities of artistic expression given by the interactive technologies of the present. Participants, dancers, choreographers, video/multimedia artists had the premises, their space, their movement and their representation. The first workshop – Multiple Realities – took place in December 2011 and was followed by a public presentation at the Vis-a-Vis Festival, organised by the GroundFloor Group Association. In October 2012, the second workshop was held focusing on Kinect technology and dynamic graphics. The workshops have created a collaborative platform for artists from various fields: visual – Istvan Szakats, Anna Peter, Alex Popa, choreography – Vesna Grandes, Jo Blowers, – Leanne Hammacot, Sinko Ferenc, etc.
The Robots and Avatars exhibition – November 2012, Brush Factory, Cluj – proposed a commentary on the technosocial development that incorporates today the robotics and artificial intelligence by presenting ADA, the work of the artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski, an analog robot, pointing out that artificial intelligence is now permeating the extremes of technological positivism and technocriticism.

Implemented in

2011 – 2013


body>data>space, UK KIBLA, Slovenia Groundfloor Group


40,180 EUR

Funded by

European Union – Culture 2007-2013, Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony AFCN