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Press Repeat, Sam

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Project Description

“Repeat Press, Sam” is an interactive film workshop, where the participants explored the potential of interactive cinema narrative. The workshop focused on the development of interactive “stories” and techniques for optimizing drama in an interactive film. During the five working days, the participants learned about: scenario, storytelling, dramatization, and so on.

The workshop was based on experimentation and teamwork on making interactive videos based on the ideas / scenarios proposed by the participants.

Three films were made, which were presented to the public, alongside Krishna’s Crimeface screening (Jury Award and Webby Awards 2008 Interactive Film Award).


Krishna Stott (UK)

István Szakáts (RO)

Implemented in

5th-9th May 2009


32450 RON

Founded by

Centrul Naţional al Cinematografiei

Project Details