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Project Description

Future Forecast is an urban intervention project with an interdisciplinary approach. Culture is an active engine in local development. The social and economical processes based on cultural models increase the level of individual participation, social cohesion and performance level.

The project proposes a consulting and civic participation model, based on creative processes, addressed to different stakeholders – young people, professionals (researchers, architects, artists). They are invited to express their vision on the urban space and on their way of living. A collective fabulation exercise follows, allowing people to analyze potential scenarios for the future of their community.

Cultural Intervention 2009:

Teams of artists, sociologist and anthropologist researched and documented for 3 moths different themes of the urban environment of Cluj and proposed a series of urban interventions. The projects revealed parts in the history of the inhabitants of the Cluj/Lupsa area.

Future Forecast. Comes! – audio guide and guided tours through the Lupsa/Cluj area

Cultural Animation – picnic with old music, apples and cotton candy in Parcul Feroviarilor

Artistic Interventions: “Observatory” (urban furnishing) by Marius Nedelcu “Alo” (performance) by Lenny Oplasma

The Complaints Choir 2009

Is a public creative process, after the model of other 24 cities in the world, through which Cluj citizens were invited to share their problems, worries, complaints, which were later transformed in the lyrics of a song and sung in the public space by a choir of volunteers. Performances: Casa Matei, Minerva Manastur, Marasti and Oser (September 2009) Composer and conductor of the creative workshops: Serban Ursachi Picnic

Workshop for Youth 2007

12 teenagers learned how to use the camera and the computer in order to

produce short films that would express their thoughts on the environment they

live in. The participants made films about the way they imagine the future of

the city and presented them to local administration representatives, urbanists,

and an international public.

Implemented in

2007, 2009


The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, UBB Cluj


38700 RON

Founded by

Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

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