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Future Fabulators

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Project Description

The Future Fabulators project aims to create semi-fictional stories and fabulous spaces with the intention of providing a framework for exploring possible scenarios about the future. Future Fabulators combines the perspective of artists, futurists, scientists, politicians, economists and opinion makers with the prospect of citizens – experts in everyday life – to bring to public attention a series of themes and the impact that evolution their future may have on contemporary culture and lifestyle.
The project involves several categories of activities: Imagine – Scenario development workshops about the future; Draw out – test forms of materialization of scenarios; Materialize & show – production of artistic works, exhibitions; Document & Evaluate – research and analysis on the impact of possible future developments; Learn – seminars and learning experiences; Distribute – conferences, publications, presentations of the project’s achievements; Coordinate & Manage – Continuous project management activity.
AltArt contributes to the project by organising debates, workshops and developing studies using the Future Forecast / Probable Future method, as well as presenting an exhibition.
The project started in 2013 with a coordinating meeting and a first Scenario Planning session in Linz. In November 2013, AltArt organised in Cluj, at the Brush Factory, a Probable Future Workshop with 18 participants from four countries.

Implemented in



Kulturverein Time’s Up, Austria; Foundation of Aperiodic Mesmerism (BE) Madeira; Interactive Technologies Institute – Associação, Portugal


30,000 EUR

Funded by

European Union – Cultura 2007-2013

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