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Fabrica de Pensule. Culture and Urban Development

//Fabrica de Pensule. Culture and Urban Development
Fabrica de Pensule. Culture and Urban Development2018-11-21T16:13:14+00:00

Project Description

The aim of the project is to contribute to urban development by mobilizing contemporary art and capitalizing on an industrial heritage objective.

Fabrica de Pensule is a contemporary art space created after the reconversion of the former paintbrush factory in Cluj into a cultural center that currently hosts a show/conference studio, a theater room, 7 galleries, 30 workshops for artists and offices for 13 non-governmental organizations.

The project contributed to the development of Fabrica de Pensule relationship with the community, developing a communication strategy and promoting the cultural program of the center, strengthening the relationship with institutional partners, documenting and archiving industrial heritage elements, and improving the facilities of the creative spaces.

The organized activities facilitated the access of different audiences to the cultural events of Fabrica and aimed at increasing the participation of community members in creative activities: 10 public debates on topical issues related to culture and society, 4 contact-improvisation workshops, 3 improvisation workshops theatrical and puppet theaters, a dance and movement lab, two workshops and weekly capoeira training, rhythm and percussion workshops, 10 events – Open Days – with an intense cultural program in several Fabrica premises. The number of beneficiaries of these activities is over 5500.

The “Fabrica de Pensule” publication, a collection of archive materials and theoretical texts, photographs, illustrations, fictional texts, presentations and research fragments about the history of industrial space and its recent developments, has been produced within the project. The work was launched on the occasion of the colloquy “Work with the job – work and heritage in the (post) industrial society”, on October 22-23, 2010, and part of the workers’ documentation and artefacts were presented in the exhibition “Homage to Labor”. Through the project, the Fabrica de Pensule studio was equipped with a sound system, lighting system, 130 seats.

The factory has developed a visual identity at this time and has produced monthly programs / posters (8,200 copies), electronic newsletters distributed weekly to about 2000 recipients, 1,200 leaflets, 10,000 postcards and 20000 stickers.

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Federația Fabrica de Pensule; Asociaţia ArtLink; Asociaţia Arta Capoeira; Asociaţia GroundFloor Group; Asociaţia ArtHoc; Asociaţia Grupa Mică


82000 EUR

Founded by

The govenrments of Island, Principality of Liechtenstein and Norway through Mecanismul Financiar al Spatiului Economic European

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