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Cultural development: urban development

//Cultural development: urban development
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Project Description

The project aims to increase the capacity and expertise of the cultural sector in Romania with regard to the potential of the catalyst of culture in society, and to contribute to the development of skills and tools that enable the activation of culture as a driver of change.
International Conference “European Capitals of Culture 2020+. The Stages of the Trip “, which took place between November 14 and 15 in Cluj, had as main theme the program of the European Capitals of Culture after 2020. Representatives of the cultural sector from all the Romanian cities that have announced their intention to apply for the title of Cultural Capital European Commission for 2021. Among the participating experts: Nele Hertling, Peter Tomaž Dobrila – Maribor 2012 CCE, Carlos Martins – Guimaraes 2012 CCE, Hugo de Greef – Bruges 2002 CCE, Nadja Grizzo – Ruhr 2010 CCE, Tamás Szalay – Pécs2010 CCE, Ektor Tsatsoulis – Pafos 2017 CCE, Şerban Ţigănaş – OAR President, etc. The opening of the conference was attended by representatives of the local and county administration: Emil Boc – Mayor of Cluj, Mihnea Iuoraş – Cluj sub-prefect, Istvan Vakar – vice-president of Cluj County Council.
The conference unfolded in two stages:
– presentations and discussions – November 14, 2012, the themes addressed were: Culture and the crisis of European identity, European Capitals of Culture and Urban Development, Culture and community development.
– thematic working groups – 15 November 2012, three specific themes were discussed in parallel working groups: 1. Cluj CCE 2021. Local or regional focus ?; 2. What are the directions of urban development we want for Cluj and what heritage do we want to leave the title of cultural capital ?; 3. How can the European Capital of Culture become a community project and how can it contribute to the development of a cohesive community?
Within the project, a number of networking activities were also carried out by connecting and participating in European events of the A Soul for Europe initiative and the Balkan Express network: the More Europe Warsaw Conference, the Sustainability of Artistic Action Round Table, Maribor, etc.

Implemented in



Cluj-Napoca Association European Capital of Culture; A Soul for Europe; Balkan Express


68,000 RON

Funded by

AFCN; Cluj Napoca City Hall and Local Council; EU – Europe for Citizens Programme