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Criticism of a fictional work

//Criticism of a fictional work
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Project Description

In his book Magnitudine Imaginary (1971), Stanislaw Lem publishes 16 reviews of unwritten books, along with the chronicle of a real writing, the book itself. “Imaginary Magnitude” proposed a serious analysis of fictitious fictions, as a critical research of possible directions of humanity’s development. How about resuming this move today and translating it into the public space of Cluj? To what would our unimpeded imagination push us? What am I doing? How? And especially why would we do these interventions exactly in the way we imagine them?
In 2012, convinced that fabulating is not only a tool of knowledge, but also of building reality, AltArt team members have offered the audience a series of meetings with artists and urbanists to develop collectively the fictional reality of Cluj.
The invitations to the meetings were:
Cristian Rusu, artist
Ciprian Mureşan, artist
Eugen Pănescu, architect and urban planner
Alexandru Hărănguş, artist
Pásztor István, architect
The third meeting was organized in collaboration with the Gherla Penitentiary. Alongside painter Alexandru Hărănguş, who served a ten-year sentence in prison, a group of detainees was present to discuss another dimension of fiction in the urban sphere: the city imagined by those who are beyond the bars.
The events were part of the “Factory Workshops – Cultural Education for a Creative Community” program, run by the Brush Factory.

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