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Cart(e)a Parcului

//Cart(e)a Parcului
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Project Description

The Book of the Park is a compendium of the citizens’ ideas of transforming Parcul Feroviarilor, collected through a process of collective planning and imagination facilitated by the Fabrica de Pensule, Grupul pentru Dezvoltare Locală and the AltArt Foundation through the “Fab Hub” and “Ars Publica. Res Publica”.

Parcul Feroviarilor was recently returned to the city and is the subject of an extensive rethinking exercise. What exactly do we rethink? Is this just about systematizing a park? It would be a shame. The Park is the opportunity and metaphor of rethinking the relationship between the city and the citizens. A relationship that was formed slowly , and will transform the same way.
We will not be able to change in a single creative sprint how we think the city. Rather, we talk about marathons. That is why the rethinking exercise we are talking about is a daily, repetitive, cumulative one. That lasts for years. Perhaps even decades.
Through this book we synthesized the ideas and wishes expressed by the participants in the Fab Hub and Ars Publica projects. Res Publica: artists, architects, sociologists, anthropologists, biologists and citizens of all ages. What we offer is the picture of a moment, and we are aware that we can not fix the shape and uses of the Park through a single image. It is obvious that the Park must be thought flexible, and the possibility of a permanent rethink.
Such a “thinking for rethinking” approach allows the Park to remain alive and relevant in its transformation by its own users, and moreover, these exercises provide the framework for a “marathon” of rethinking the relationship between the city and the citizen where all we hope.

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