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Project Description

Balkan Express is a network dedicated to mobility and cultural cooperation in the Balkans and between the Balkans and the rest of Europe. The network seeks to highlight, in the dialogue between culture, social sciences, architecture, economics, new approaches to the problems of contemporary society. Between 2013 and 2015, the network’s work is culture and sustainability.

Within this theme, AltArt representatives participated moderately in a series of debates and activities in the Balkan Express caravans that took place in Cluj (2013), Ljubljana (2014), Tbilisi (2015).

The Caravan of Cluj is an event that is part of a series of extended Balkan Express activities. The Caravan from Cluj, held in November 2013 in different locations in Cluj, focused on Social Creativity. About 20 participants from various Balkan countries participated in caravan events. They have presented and discussed from the perspective of the potential of culture to generate social change towards a sustainable lifestyle different initiatives of social creativity in Cluj and other countries.

In 2015, within the Caucasus-Balkan Express project, four artists from Romania, Slovenia, Armenia and Georgia participated in an itinerant stretch of exploration and intervention in urban public spaces in Cluj, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Ljubljana. The catalogue of the exhibition is available online

Implemented in



Balkan Express Network; A Soul for Europe; Flow Festival, Austria; Paintbrush Factory, Romania; ColectivA/Temps d’Images Festival, Romania

Funded by

Black Sea Trust; European Cultural Foundation; Europe for Citizens Programme; Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs; Institute for Danube Region