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Ars Publica. Res Publica

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Project Description

(1) Research and cultural mediation in the Someş-Parcul Feroviarilor / Ars Publica area. Res Publica:

activities for consulting and activating the community in this area, in partnership with the Cluj Cultural Center, the Brush Factory, the Cluj-Napoca City Hall. Actions taken:

a. Ars Publica artistic interventions and projects. Res Publica, developed by the Res Publica group, collective reflection and artistic action

– Istvan Szakats: Park Parliament – installation and series of debates facilitated, Fero TV – video installation

– Cristian Grecu: Gazeta Parcului Feroviarilor – publication

– Local Development Group (Flaviu Petean, Grig Vulpe) – Park Book – publication and series of consultations facilitated

– Ruth Borgfjord: Families in the Park – publication / coloring book

b. Artistic and community events, invited artists and initiatives:

  • Slubfurt / Michael Kurzwelly (DE / PL): presentation, participatory urbanization workshop, 6-8 June
  • Citizenship consultation activities, carried out in partnership with the Fab Hub, Brush Factory initiative: June 9-10, Advisory Picnic – July 8, #device of theidea – Public consultation exercises: 2-3 September 9-10
  • Jazz Concert BHF Trio / July 9th
  • Ping- pong Championship / July 23
  • Short storytelling studio with Ruth Borgfjord / July 26
  • Public consultation – Fero TV / 2 – 10 August
  • Film screenings: Charade / August 18, documentary film / August 25, Filantropica / September 9th
  • Graffiti Workshops with Ruth Borgfjord – August 30, September 9
  • Knitting and crochet workshop with Runo & Ka, October 14th
  • Ljud (Slovenia): Streetwalker. Open Air Ready Made Gallery – street performance, presentation, October 30,

c. Final Event: Launch of Cart (s) of Railway Park, October 31, Brush Factory

(2) Visible City 2017 – Contest of artistic art projects in public space

The 2017 Visible City theme was “Immaterial”. The jury consisted of István Szakáts – curator, Eugen Pănescu – architect, Oana Buzatu – communication expert / spokesperson Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Diana Marincu – curator, Rariţa Zbranca, cultural expert.

Five works of art in public space were selected and realized:

– Cezar Lazarescu – Mirror, street action: 28.10.2017, Railroad Park / street

– Augmented Space Agency – Portals of Cluj, augmented reality project, public presentation: 28.10.2017, # H33 Social Innovation Hub

– Pedestrian Museum – TransFeroVR, virtual reality project, public presentation: 29.10.2017, Victoria Cinema (foyer)

– The Whole Circle – #The Communion – The Musical Grass 3, music installation, release: 29.10.2017, The Railway Park

– Ruth Borgfjord – Where do I come from, performance facility, 30-31.10.2017, Brush Factory / Railway Park

On October 30th, a debate on the Visible City and the future of art in the public space in Cluj was organized at the Pensule Factory and the projects of this year were presented.

(3) Ars Publica artistic residencies. Res Publica

  1. Kopacz Kund – “Portal Floral” artistic invention project, September 11-20
  2. Koter Vilmos – artistic intervention project “Park in the Park”, September 18 – October 21, inauguration October 22

(4) I am Riveran 2017 (2nd edition), Somes’ Festival Festival, August 12, The Railroad Park

– Fero TV and consultations and discussions with citizens

– Workshop for children: Scientific experiments with Silviu Rusti

– Picnic of Diversity 2.0. Discussions, music, creative workshops, diversity game, launch of the book

“Families in the Park,” written by Ruth Borgfjord and illustrated by Lucia Mărneanu

(5) Create to Connect Conference. Over The Edge – Risk, Fear and Courage In (Theater) Creation, Olomouc, Czech Republic, May 13-14: participated in Romania from 6 artists and local producers: Rariţa Zbranca – cultural manager, Emese Apai – cultural mediator, Simina Corlat – producer / playwright, Petro Ionescu – Emilia Zbranca – cultural manager.

(6) Participation in joint actions of the Create to Connect platform:

– participation and presentation at the Create to Connect platform: Olomouc, May 15, Rariţa Zbranca

– meeting and presentation at the Create to connect platform: Belgrade, October 21-22, Istvan Szakats

– participation and presentation at the Open Innovation Policy Working Group at the European Commission, Brussels, October 24, Istvan Szakats

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