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Project Description

A Soul for Europe is a civic initiative that proposes culture as an element of development and cohesion in Europe. The Advisory Board of the A Soul for Europe initiative includes members of the European Parliament as well as prominent artists and intellectuals from Europe. AltArt is represented in the Strategic Group of the A Soul for Europe Initiative through Rariţa Zbranca.
AltArt contributes to several projects of the European Capitals of Culture, Culture for Regional Development, and the Berlin Conference.
In 2013 AltArt participated in several network events: Brussels Conversations, Istanbul Workshop, and the preparations for the Berlin Conference 2014. Rarita Zbranca attended as AltArt representative and as a member of A Soul for Europe in the Cultural Development Panel in the Cultural Forum European Commission, organised by the European Commission.
In 2012 AltArt contributed to organising the “Cultural Coalition for Citizens Europe” Conference in Berlin on November 10th. The Biennial Conference in Berlin is the largest event organised by A Soul for Europe, being a platform where artists and intellectuals meet with European leaders – politicians, entrepreneurs, public managers, etc. – to find cultural solutions to the problems of contemporary Europe. The conference was attended by several representatives of the cultural and academic sector in Romania: Rariţa Zbranca (opening speech of the conference), Istvan Szakats (participant in the panel “Democracies at Risk”), Norbert Petrovici (participant in the panel “Environmental Challenges: Cultural Approaches “).
On November 9, 2012, the “Cities for Europe” conference on the role of culture in urban development took place in Berlin, a conference attended by Romania and Emil Boc (Mayor of Cluj-Napoca) and Florin Morosanu (Director of the Cluj Cultural Capital Association ).
In 2010 and 2011, with the support of A Soul for Europe and with the participation of network experts, AltArt hosted two roundtables in Cluj about the conditions, potential and prospects of Cluj’s candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2020.
In partnership with A Soul for Europe, AltArt organised in Cluj in 2009 the Cluj – Culture and Urban Development Forum, a platform for debate on the role of culture in the strategic planning of a city. A Soul for Europe website

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2006 – 2013

AltArt participates actively in the important events of the A Soul for Europe: Berlin Conference 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012; Brussels Conversation 2013; Wroclaw Cultural Congress, 2011; Forum Istanbul 2010; Forum Sofia 2009, 2011; Forum Guimaraes 2009; Forum Cluj 2009; Forum Belgrade 2007, 2008; Forum Pecs 2007; Forum Skopje 2008; Forum Lyon 2008.

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