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A.P.D.C. | Audience Participation in Digital Culture

//A.P.D.C. | Audience Participation in Digital Culture
A.P.D.C. | Audience Participation in Digital Culture2018-11-21T16:08:57+00:00

Project Description

The project aims at the comparative analysis of the various European models of digital art education, focusing on the contribution of digital culture to social and individual development.

Public event: International Symposium held in Prague on May 23, 2008 “New Media Art Audiences”, in which they presented:

– Barbara U. Schmidt – ARS ELECTRONICA: Diversity of “New” Audiences of Media Art

– Ratata Szakats – Terra Incognita. Mixed Reality as experienced by users

– Slavo Krekovich – Multiplace Festival

– Radim Labuda – ADD Soundsystem in Context

– Bojana Romic – Art Recognition in the Information Age

– Honza Svasek –

– Sonja Leboš – Playfulness of Public Space

– Paul Wilson / Liquidiser – Point of center

– Thomas Dumke – CYNETart_07encounter

Implemented in



Atrakt Art – Bratislava, Slovacia

TMA Hellerau – Dresda, Germania

CIANT – Praga, Rep. Cehă


15000 EUR

Founded by

Uniunea Europeană, Programul Lifelong Learning – Learning Partnerships

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