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A.C.T. Democ[k]racy

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Project Description

ACT. Democ(k)racy promotes art as the critical space for debating the future of democracy. The project supports the idea that art is a productive space of dissension by which democracy takes place: a space for discussion, debates, stimulation of critical thinking, imagining symbols and metaphors of cultural creativity and social dynamics. Part of a European project, the project involves artists, curators, political scientists, sociologists, architects/urbanists and some important institutional partners from four countries: Romania, France, the Netherlands and Serbia.

In 2013, AltArt proposed, through curator Istvan Szakats, the Occupy UBB exhibition, which was presented in May at the Onomatopee Gallery in Eindhoven.

In October-November, AltArt organised the GET UP exhibition at the Brush Factory. Curator Ann Stouvenel (FR) has made a selection of 8 artists and groups of international and Romanian artists who combine urban interventions with gallery works: Julien Berthier – Drawings, Mircea Nicolae – Flowers Park, Guillaume Robert and Nicolas Coltice – Propaganda, Bertille Bak – Safeguard Emergency Light System, Vlad Nanca – Home Sweet Home, BIP – Bureau d’Investigation Photographique – Kyrielle # 1 – print on paper, Société Générale – Over the counter.

With the opening of the exhibition, on October 5, the international seminar “The Daily Political Practices of the City” took place. The seminar brought together artists, theoreticians and researchers from the field of art, anthropology, philosophy, urbanism and social sciences. A debate was held with relevance for the future of social and urban planning that combined the format of a dialogue between experts from Romania and invited experts from other countries with questions/answers and free talks, presentations of artistic projects and the screening of “My Name is Janez Jansa “. Seminar Contributors: Ann Stouvenel (curator, FR), Anca Simionca (sociologist, RO), Norbert Petrovici (sociologist, RO), Eugen Pănescu (architect/urbanist, RO), Freek Lomme, NL), Julien Berthier (artist, FR), Dubravka Sekulic (curator, RS).


Implemented in 2012-2014 in partnership with La Criée Contemporary Arts Center Rennes, European Higher School of Art of Brittany Rennes, Onomatopee research center Eindhoven, Brush Factory, University of Art and Design Cluj, Kulturni Centar Beograda

Funded by

European Union – Culture 2007 – 2013, City Hall and Local Council Cluj-Napoca, Ministry of Culture